All human beings need touch. We can’t thrive without it.

Paula has been touching people with a healing intention all of her life, beginning when she was 5 years old and paid 25 cents to give her dad a shoulder massage when he came home from work.

At the Healing Arts Institute, Paula learned how to touch and manipulate specific muscles, joints, and connective tissue to release tension, increase circulation, and improve vitality. In her advanced training in cranial sacral therapy, she learned a lot more anatomy and how to restore freedom in the head, spine and nervous system. She’s learned the most, though, from working with clients. Each person’s body has a story to tell, and Paula listens with an open heart and hands that gently assist in restoring structural integrity and balance from the inside out.

I received several wonderful sessions from Paula, for various reasons. Initially I wanted to gain a sense of relaxation and explore different issues going on. Not only did I feel more relaxed, I also had a new found sense of energy and willingness to challenge some of my previous thoughts and patterns in my life. Later on, Paula and I worked together following a traumatic brain injury I had, and she was able to relieve some of the physical tension, as well as emotional difficulty I was experiencing through this process. Paula’s calming presence alone is something that feels therapeutic and beneficial in my life, and I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to have experienced her healing touch.

~ Anca Niculae

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