Medical Massage

medical massage

Paula has 20+ years of experience in giving therapeutic massage to people of all ages; from infants, to adolescents, to seniors. She combines her intuition with skilled touch to help you recover from trauma, injury, and illness – or simply to stay a step ahead of life’s challenges.

Choices today in health and wellness care can be bewildering. How do you find the right mix of Western medicine with alternative or complementary therapies? Paula works hand-in-hand with the team of psychiatrists, naturopathic doctors, therapists and other professionals at the Wholeness Center. While medical massage currently fits more into the alternative category, there is a growing body of research evidence that validates its beneficial role in integrative medicine:

I’ve seen Paula for energy work, cranial sacral work and massage — she Is a truly talented practitioner. She makes you feel comfortable and is very intuitive in her work. I always leave her table feeling relaxed and balanced

~ Jen Strating

When my nervous system gets so revved up that my ordinary things aren’t enough, Paula helps me to reach a deep calm and put me in a receptive state. The information that Paula gives settles and reverberates and later becomes food for transformation.

~ Linda D.

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