Prepare for Surgery

Senior patient lying in hospital bed

Several years ago, Jo-Ellen, one of Paula’s clients was extremely anxious about her upcoming surgery for ovarian cancer. She came across Peggy Huddleston’s Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster program and scheduled a phone session. Jo-Ellen was so calm afterwards and went through her surgery with such relative ease, that Paula became a facilitator.

Paula will guide you through Huddleston’s 5-step program. She will help you create the guided imagery that will harness your body’s healing resources. She’ll also help you prepare the healing statements used during surgery. Research shows that patients who use Huddleston’s program have less anxiety before surgery, require less pain medication and heal faster.

Paula can coach you through the process in person or over the phone. If you like, she can add energy work or body work to further relax and balance your body before and after surgery.

“I recommend Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster to all who require surgery and want to recover faster.” ~ Andrew T. Weil, M.D.

“Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster empowers patients to lead the way to recovery by allowing them to take their appropriate place on the surgical team.” ~ Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

I am so glad that I came to see you on Tuesday before my surgery. It really helped my body be ready, and I was emotionally ready also. I was amazingly calm the morning I went to the hospital. After the surgery, when they were checking my vitals and listening to my stomach, the nurse said that my stomach was very active, which was unusual and a good sign. I have been pretty pain free since getting home.

~ Connie M

Paula’s work enabled me to go into surgery with a clear and mindful approach and I am certain it made my experience much more calm and positive overall. Paula is a very attentive and caring healer with a large tool box of skills.

~ Jane Houck

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