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Reiki, pronounced ray-kee, is a form of energy healing that balances body, mind and spirit. It is a simple, yet profound, practice that connects you to your own source of wisdom and power. You can learn to practice reiki yourself [insert link to page on reiki classes] or can schedule a session with Paula. Reiki combines well with massage and other mindfulness techniques, and has been proven to be safe when used with medical interventions. If you want to learn more about Reiki from credible sources, check out Pamela Mile’s website and the International Center for Reiki.

Paula’s introduction to reiki was hair-raising – literally. In 1991, she had taken a sabbatical from her work as a systems engineer at Hewlett-Packard to attend the Healing Arts Institute. One evening, her massage teacher asked the class if they wanted to experience reiki. Her teacher explained that all they had to do was place their hands on a person and send love. A little unsure about this, Paula volunteered to be first on the table. As the rest of the class gathered around her and placed hands on the main chakra points, she felt warm and relaxed, like she was being cuddled in a blanket. After a few minutes, Paula’s turn was up she found herself placing her hands on the knees of the next student. Along with her class, she closed her eyes and thought about sending love.

It was easy. And then she started to shake. Quivering like a leaf, Paula opened her eyes to see if anyone else was shaking. Nope. After a few minutes, the next person got on the table. As soon as she closed her eyes to send love, Paula started shaking again. After a couple of minutes, she began crying. She wasn’t sad about anything in particular, but couldn’t stop the cleansing tears. When she took her hands away to make room for the next person, the crying and shaking stopped. For the next hour or so, though, she experienced the same reaction as soon as she placed her hands on each person. Somewhere in that hour, she also felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Her senses became sharper and she felt like she imagined Benjamin Franklin did when he caught lightning with the metal key dangling from his kite during a thunderstorm.

The experience changed her life. When Paula took the level I reiki class, it was a remembering of something she already knew deep inside of herself. Paula practices reiki on herself daily and is called to share this gift with others. What would our world look like if more people could experience unconditional love in this way?

Reiki sessions with Paula are sometimes a journey home, often insightful, and always physically and spiritually healing. I come out of our sessions relaxed, free of back pain and with a lightness of spirit.

~ Carole B.

I have felt like a new woman ever since our visit. Honestly, I don’t know how it works, but I really felt such relief after our meeting. Feelings of faith and hope are returning – Thank God.

~ Yvonne D.

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