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with an intuitive blend of reiki, craniosacral therapy and medical massage in Ft. Collins Colorado


Fort Collins massage body work
Paula Curtis brings twenty years of experience in the healing arts to each hands-on treatment. Combining therapeutic massage with craniosacral and visceral therapies, she unlocks pain and tension to help you relax, heal and recover your balance.


Fort Collins Massage Energy WorkTrained as a scientist and systems engineer, Paula was first awakened to the power of energy healing through Reiki. It was an experience of coming home. That sense of homecoming permeates every session, connecting you to source energy and activating your own inner wisdom.

Distance Healing

Distance Healing
Energy work can be directed anywhere on the planet. How cool is that? Places and animals absorb energy just like we do. Paula can clear and balance the energy in your pets, home, office, or land. It’s especially helpful to cleanse the energy during times of transition.


Massage Healing Classes
Anyone can learn Reiki. Paula, a Reiki master/teacher since 2001, teaches all levels. She also offers workshops on meditation, energy healing, transformation, and intuition.


Heal Trauma

Most of us carry trauma in our bodies. It seems to be a part of the human experience. Paula combines energy work with gentle touch to help you uncover and release physical and emotional trauma without having to relive the experience. As the unwanted mental-emotional-physical patterns loosen their hold on you, you can move forward with greater ease.


Prepare for Surgery

Paula can empower you to approach surgery with more confidence and recover more quickly. She incorporates evidence-based, mind-body techniques developed by Peggy Huddleston Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster and endorsed by the Harvard Medical School. Studies have shown that patients can reduce anxiety, use 23-50% less pain medication and heal faster.

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Recover from Injury

Craniosacral therapy relaxes the nervous system and releases areas of tension and compaction in the head and spine. Migraines and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) respond particularly well to a combination of craniosacral, massage and energy therapies. Check out the results of a pilot study conducted by Paula and her colleagues “Migraines and Craniosacral Therapy”.


Align and Balance

Receiving regular body work/energy work can be an essential part of your wellness program. Regular tune-ups with Paula feel amazing and can help you stay aligned, centered, and balanced. Why wait until you are suffering?

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