Below you will find a list of practitioners and other professionals in the area that I feel comfortable personally recommending!

health & Wellness:

  • Happy. Whole. You.

    • Kathleen recently opened an alternative wellness clinic in Fort Collins, focusing on optimizing brain function and decreasing body inflammation with the most cutting-edge, science-backed, non-invasive technologies available to help individuals achieve their highest state of physical and cognitive performance and emotional well-being. Kathleen provides space to help people create the future they desire through effective therapies that maximize health, happiness, and performance.   

  • Uninhibited Wellness

    • Susan and Stephen offer life, relationship and nutrition coaching. They also put together adventure trips. I went to Costa Rica with them in 2016 and found it life transforming!

  • Healing Warriors Program

    • Healing Warriors Program offers craniosacral therapy, acupuncture and healing touch to veterans and their families. I have worked in the Fort Collins clinic for the last few years, offering craniosacral therapy two days/month. It's been extremely rewarding to see first-hand how complementary care changes lives!

  • Wholeness Center

    • The Wholeness Center is an integrative medicine clinic that treats the whole person. I worked in the clinic for over three years as part of their collaborative team. When I moved my office to a new location, we continue to refer clients.


Media/design professionals:

  • Melani Schweder

    • Melani provides website design and SEO-driven content, and specializes in health/spiritual businesses. She created this website. All the good stuff is her doing; any glitches are mine.

  • Advanced Media Services

    • Advanced Media tells your business story in professional video. I've been married to the owner, Chris, for too long to disclose. He and his team do awesome work. His latest passion is aerial videography (and his drone travels with us on all our camping trips).