Paula has 20+ years of experience in giving therapeutic massage to people of all ages; from infants, to adolescents, to seniors. She combines her intuition with skilled touch to help you recover from trauma, injury, and illness – or simply to stay a step ahead of life’s challenges.

Massage therapy is becoming more accepted by western medicine as rigorous research is published.  Check out some of these recent studies:

The therapist was the best that I’ve EVER had – and I’ve had more massages for medical as well as pleasure purposes than I can remember. I will definitely be going back!
— Linda G.

Massage can have significant benefit for muscle pain and other ills, studies find. This Washington Post article from 2012 cites research that shows massage really does help with back and knee pain. It also mentions over 100 other studies that describe massage benefits for depression and anxiety, sleep, stress hormones, immunity and pain relief.

Study shows frequent massage sessions boost biological benefits.
A preliminary study conducted at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in 2012 suggests that weekly massages offer more sustained improvements in participants’ immune and endocrine systems than a single treatment.