Meet Paula


Paula Curtis is a curious soul, always wanting to know how things work, especially in the area of health and wellness. She has a strong science background, with a B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Genetics. She also has a M.S. in Systems Engineering and has worked in industry, designing technology to be more user-centered.

In 1992, Paula discovered her true passion; exploring the boundaries of science and intuition in the field of energy medicine. She graduated as a certified massage therapist from the Healing Arts Institute and uncovered a world of hands-on healing therapies, including reiki. She completed her Reiki Master/Teacher training in 2001.  At the suggestion of one of her clients, Paula became certified to help her clients Prepare for Surgery.  She has also completed training in CranioSacral therapy (Levels 1-8, taught by Tim Bonack, P.T,D.O.M.P.) In January 2011, Paula also completed the Four Energies Healing – Level One Training taught by Julie Motz, author of Hands of Life. She also completed another course in energy healing taught by Cathy Ulrich.

In addition to seeing clients one-on-one, Paula offers classes to those interested in learning more about reiki and energy medicine. She is also able to do reiki on clients who are in the hospital.


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Phone: 970-310-9171