I am feeling amazing, I’ve never stayed so in tune with myself before. That session was the final clearing of some very old energies that no longer served me, and I am like a new person. I feel like I can finally start moving in the direction I want to. Everything about the session was the exact guidance I needed at this time. This feels like a whole new chapter in my life, and I feel you are the right mentor for this one. I am very much looking forward to the class and continuing to work with you! Thank you so much!
— C.D., student at CSU (9/22/16)
I’m doing great! I feel very grounded and the anxiety that I have carried with me almost all of my life has seemed to vanish — it is the weirdest but most beautiful thing. I have gone to many different types of therapy on and off for many, many years, and I have convinced myself that I will always have anxiety to some degree. Even when my PTSD symptoms were under control, I still had an underlying feeling of anxiousness. I even justified the anxiety by telling myself it helped me get out of my comfort zone in order to grow as a being (I tend to justify things that I do not understand in order to cope). Throughout the past few days, I have had no anxiety and it feels surreal.

The day of our session, I felt like I was floating for the remainder of the day. My senses were open – I could feel the wind on my skin, details stood out more, and I felt this sense of connection with the universe. Later in the night, I finally could put words to the “tingling” feeling I felt in my head and body – it was like blood was rushing to my head for the first time in forever. The next day was when I realized how grounded and at ease I felt.

Thank you for opening up the world to me again! I appreciate you!! I look forward to continuing to work with you!
— Marla C. (9/6/16)
The therapist was the best that I’ve EVER had – and I’ve had more massages for medical as well as pleasure purposes than I can remember. I will definitely be going back!
— Linda G. from Living Social (4/29/14)
I’m sending ya a quick note to tell u my back is the best it has been in 2 months. Not only can I bend over and touch my toes, I can do it without any pain. It feels great to finally have some normal range of motion back. Thank you for your support and amazing work in helping my body get untangled. Glad I found u!!
— Kim C. via text message (4/26/14)
Paula works “magic” by combining her training in massage and energy work with some incredible, innate abilities. I am a psychotherapist and Reiki teacher and have never seen anyone do what Paula did.
— Susan L. Metzger, MS, MBA, MFA, Reiki Master-Teacher
Paula is amazing! I have been working with her for over a year now and I send many of my patients to work with her. She is incredibly in tune to what my body needs and uses gentle techniques to help me deal with both emotional and physical issues that arise during sessions. Her kind disposition allows me to fully relax when I’m having bodywork or massage done. I highly recommend sessions with Paula for everyone!
— Dr. Mary Rondeau
Thank you for the beautiful work that you do… I feel honored to know you. You have helped me move forward in ways I cannot put into words.
— Angela N.
The craniosacral therapy was wonderful and I recommend it to anyone! I went into it feeling a little skeptical to say the least and from the very first therapy session I was a believer!! I looked forward to each session because I left there feeling VERY relaxed and my pain gone!
— Tara Bernhart, RN
The craniosacral treatment I sought for my daughter following a skull fracture and mild head injury was instrumental in facilitating her recovery. Her facial paralysis started resolving and she felt a generalized ‘balancing’ of her body. We had full intentions of returning for a second treatment; however, she felt it wasn’t necessary due to the significant improvement following the first treatment.
— Brenda Cummings, OTR, CHT
After a session, I always feel “put together”, energetically, mentally and physically. I don’t wait for the stress to get to me to make an appointment, I make regular appointments. Paula is one amazing healer. I recommend her to all my friends.
— Diane M.
When my nervous system gets so revved up that my ordinary things aren’t enough, Paula helps me to reach a deep calm and put me in a receptive state. The information that Paula gives settles and reverberates and later becomes food for transformation.
— Linda D.
Thank you for the beautiful work that you do. Also, thank you for being such a beautiful friend and having such a beautiful soul. I feel honored to know you. You have helped me move forward in ways I cannot put into words.
— Angela N.
Reiki sessions with Paula are sometimes a journey home, often insightful, and always physically and spiritually healing. I come out of our sessions relaxed, free of back pain and with a lightness of spirit.
— Carole B.
As a trained body/energy worker, I know how remarkable Paula’s work is. I recommend her to friends as “the best.”
— Rebecca H.
I feel super, thanks again for your centered presence and amazing skills!
— Heidi L.
I am so glad that I came to see you on Tuesday before my surgery. It really helped my body be ready, and I was emotionally ready also. I was amazingly calm the morning I went to the hospital. After the surgery, when they were checking my vitals and listening to my stomach, the nurse said that my stomach was very active, which was unusual and a good sign. I have been pretty pain free since getting home.
— Connie M.
Thank you Paula for opening your home and the opportunity to complete my Reiki II course study! It was a truly uplifting experience. I thought I would just let you know I received healing as well. (I have been experiencing quite a bit of back/neck pain from an accident a year ago.) I noticed as I was driving home that the stress I was holding in my shoulders was gone and my lower back was not aching. I slept well last night. Thanks goes to those that be! Have a great day!
— Elaine Bradley