Energy healing has been around a very long time. Stories about the laying on of hands are present in every culture, along with healings that seem miraculous. Paula’s own energy healing abilities were awakened when she was in massage school and tried Reiki for the first time. Since then, she has become a Reiki master/teacher and taken additional training courses, such as Cathy Ulrich’s Energy Healing and Julie Motz’ Four Energy Healing that have deepened her intuition, allowed more “magic” to flow through her hands, and given her more tools to help others.

In her work, Paula dances along the fine edge of science and mystery, practical results and spiritual transformation. Her scientific mind gobbles up new research findings in the emerging field of energy medicine. One of her favorite books is Energy Medicine by James Oschman. Her M.S. degree in systems engineering predisposes her to look at body-mind-spirit as a whole and complex system of balancing forces. When pressed for an explanation of energy healing, she looks to quantum physics and the intriguing ideas of string theory. How many dimensions of reality are there, really?

Reiki sessions with Paula are sometimes a journey home, often insightful, and always physically and spiritually healing. I come out of our sessions relaxed, free of back pain and with a lightness of spirit.
— Carole B.

And yet… mystery lies at the heart of Paula’s healing work. Compassion, respect, and an abiding curiosity fuel her own personal transformation and guide her work.