Distance Healing

Just the other day, one of Paula’s clients told her about an experience that happened when she was 10 years old. This client, a well-educated and down-to-earth woman in her thirties, remembered having a sudden and clear conviction that time wasn’t linear. She could sense that past, present, and future were right in front of her, separated by a thin curtain. That experience stuck with her and still resonates today. How many of us can recall a similar experience or have heard stories like this from our young children that question our ordinary understanding of time and space?


If you haven’t experienced distance healing, it can sound pretty woo-woo. There are a select group of scientists and physicists, however, who are beginning to unravel this mystery. Check out this short interview with Bruce Lipton, respected cell biologist and NIH researcher: Energy Healed Me — Over the Phone! A Scientist Explains How.

When Paula teaches distance healing in her reiki II class , her students and the person receiving the healing energy are usually surprised at how quickly and powerfully it works. Distance healing can also clear and balance the energy in your home or work environment, in your pets, or even a stressful situation.

If you’re buying or selling a home, it’s a good time to cleanse and balance the energy. It’s also helpful to set up a distance healing session when you start a new job or if you’re experiencing negativity in your work environment.

To anyone out there who has a sense that their clients or loved ones have an attachment to a home they live in or are otherwise associated with that is holding them back from moving on, I strongly recommend Paula’s Home Energy Clearing service.

I have numerous references to tense property situations she has helped me with including:
- Where someone’s mother use to live.
- Where there was an unhealthy energetic bond a seller had to a home she needed to move on from.
- Where there was a certain area of a home that reminded her of her mother and was having a hard time letting go.
- Where an elderly woman viewed her much needed relocation as “giving up” and was tying herself to her home unknowingly.
- And more…

Sometimes an extra release, or Clearing is needed to help someone move past where they are to where they need to be.

I help many families in the area of Real Estate and believe it’s my duty to do EVERYTHING within my power and that of my connections, to get them where they need to go without unnecessary tension and delay.

In MANY situations I honestly believe that the difference between a client of mine achieving their Real Estate goal and falling short, was Paula’s Home Energy Clearing.
— Damien Parrish, Keller Williams Realty