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Spring 2019 Energy Clearing


My backyard is full of robins! Even thought it’s a frigid 20 degrees outside as I’m writing this, I can feel spring is on its way…

On March 20th, it’s the Spring Equinox and a full Super Moon. Perfect timing to do some spring cleaning of your energy field and that of your home.

Each morning for 7 days, I will clear the energy in one of your chakras and a corresponding area in your home. By the end of the week, your body and home will have shed those winter-time blues and be more receptive to embrace the energies of this full spring moon! You will receive an email each morning, describing the chakra, along with an Oracle card pulled from the Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path deck by Francene Hart. You’ll also receive an exercise designed to grow your intuition and awareness of how you interact with the unseen world.

This virutal workshop is similar to the one offered in January. I had great feedback from participants:

“Since the clearing, I started meditating and practicing reiki again. I feel like it cleared the decks for me to get back to me. “ ~ A.S.

“Wow, I love all of it! I am feeling much more calm and hopeful and positive. The cards add a nice extra dimension… I like the idea that most transformation comes out of turmoil.” ~ K.H.

“Yep, I felt it! Re-arranged kitchen and living room removing all dead space and objects for hands on fun!!” ~ M.H.

“It wasn't until I was home and thinking about things that I realized why I was so calm, relaxed and actually 'happy' driving today.  You cleared my car!  Wow !!   My energy level is still high and I'm getting things done in half the time I would normally have - things like paperwork which I dread and put off, organizing and yes - I'm still clearing places here at home.Honestly - - could you do this Chakra and home clearing every Quarter (4 times a year)?   I'm in !!!   ~ L.D.

The energy clearing will take place remotely each morning You can remain snug asleep in your bed, sit in meditation or be heading off to work. The schedule will be:

  • 3/20: Clearing Root Chakra & Yard/Garden

  • 3/21 – Clearing sacral chakra & Kitchen

  • 3/22 – Clearing solar plexus & Car

  • 3/23 – Clearing heart & Hearth or the place you feel most at home in

  • 3/24 – Clearing throat & phone

  • 3/25 – Clearing third eye & Bedroom

  • 3/26 – Clearing crown & front door

The workshop will be limited to 12 people. All you have to do is sign up, and then set your intention to release what you no longer need. You can spend 0-15 minutes each day and reap the benefits.

Cost is $140. (If you’d like to participate, but cannot afford it right now, ask about a half-price scholarship.

If you’re curious about how clearing energy in your home works, check out my 2017 post Clearing the Energy in Your Home of Workplace.

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