Clearing the Energy in your Home or Workplace

Homes and buildings take on the energies of the people who live and work there.  Have you noticed that some places feel inviting – and others really don’t?  The feel of a place goes beyond the furnishings, lighting, and color scheme.  The vibe that you feel may include the thoughts and emotions of the people who built, lived in, and frequented the space.  The energy can also be affected by the state of the land and earth beneath and around the structure.  And, sometimes, the energy signature holds lingering spirits. 

Those of you, who are sensitive to energy, know what I’m talking about.  Those who are skeptical… well, I can relate.  I would have once said that I’d watched the movie Ghost Busters too many times.  My perspective began to change, however, after my Reiki Two training. 

In the second level of Reiki training, you learn to do reiki at a distance.  You can send reiki to people, situations, and places around the world.  The possibilities for healing expand.  As does your awareness of how you are affected by the energies around you.  When I teach Reiki 2, my students will often practice distance healing of a place as a class exercise.  In a recent class, we cleared the energy of a 100-year old house in New England that had been purchased by my student’s brother.  My student said there was something especially off in the basement of the house and neither she nor her twin nephews wanted to hang out in the renovated family room there.  Here is what she posted the following day:

It was great to have class with you yesterday. The most interesting thing happened this morning...I talked to my 4-year-old nephews on the phone this morning and they each independently commented about liking their “new” house!
— Reiki 2 student

Another client and her husband had recently adopted an orphan teenager, who was struggling to find his way.  His presence had upset the normally tranquil atmosphere in their home.  We cleared out the disruptive energies in the home and replaced it with energy to support each family member. The teenager needed his bedroom to be a place of sanctuary, where he could find peace and stillness.  His younger siblings wanted to feel more creativity and connection in their rooms.  And, the parents wanted peace and calm throughout.  When I saw my client next, she said the atmosphere had noticeably lightened in the home and her perceptive children had commented on it. 


I’ve had the good fortune to work with Damien Parrish, a local realtor.  He’s intuitive and compassionate, and calls on me when he feels that his clients need a little bit of extra help in moving forward.  It’s not uncommon that homes come up for sale because a couple separates or divorces.  One time, I could feel that the separation was initiated by one person who was eager to sell the house and move on.  Her partner hadn’t come to terms with the loss of the relationship and was energetically and emotionally holding on to their home, unconsciously blocking potential buyers.  I always energetically ask permission of the people involved before sending them healing light.  In this case, after releasing discordant energy from the home, I directed the healing toward their relationship, intending for the best outcome.  Their house went under contract shortly after.

In another instance, an elderly couple had decided to move out of state to be closer to family because the husband had early-onset Alzheimers.  The sale of the house wasn’t going smoothly.  When I connected with the home and the couple, I felt a strong wave of grief and sadness from the husband.  The grief was at losing parts of himself.  He felt that their home carried a holographic image of the last 20 years of their lives, and when they moved, those memories would disappear for him.  So I asked him to bring the best memories into his heart, which beats strong and true.  Any stressful memories residing in the home, we released. I also sent healing energy to his wife, who had her own fears about moving, even though she knew it was ultimately for the best.  Damien said the couple seemed more at peace with the process and the move went more smoothly. 

To anyone out there who has a sense that their clients or loved ones have an attachment to a home they live in or are otherwise associated with that is holding them back from moving on, I strongly recommend Paula’s Home Energy Clearing service.
I have numerous references to tense property situations she has helped me with including:
- Where someone’s mother use to live.
- Where there was an unhealthy energetic bond a seller had to a home she needed to move on from.
- Where there was a certain area of a home that reminded her of her mother and was having a hard time letting go.
- Where an elderly woman viewed her much needed relocation as “giving up” and was tying herself to her home unknowingly.
- And more…
Sometimes an extra release, or Clearing is needed to help someone move past where they are to where they need to be.
I help many families in the area of Real Estate and believe it’s my duty to do EVERYTHING within my power and that of my connections, to get them where they need to go without unnecessary tension and delay.
In MANY situations I honestly believe that the difference between a client of mine achieving their Real Estate goal and falling short, was Paula’s Home Energy Clearing
— Damien Parrish, Keller Williams Realty

I have many more stories… I want to share this one because it was unexpected.  Just for fun, I was clearing a home for another realtor. This was an old farm house that came with acreage and wasn’t attracting potential buyers. When I connected to the property, what initially caught my attention wasn’t the house itself.  Instead, I felt a deep sadness in the earth.  As I explored further, I sensed that there had been a buffalo slaughter during an earlier time when the land was prairie. The deaths hadn’t been honored.  As I sent healing energy to the land, I could see the spirits of the buffalo leaving, one by one.  I also felt the presence of Native American guides, assisting in the process. I have no way to historically verify this, but I was honored to be a part of this healing.

My previous post, Honoring the Arrival of Fall, suggested that this time of year is perfect for decluttering and letting go of what no longer serves you.  That includes releasing negative energy from the places you live and work!  If you know Reiki, set aside some time to consciously bring healing and clearing energy into your home and office.  Notice where the flow is blocked and focus your attention on those areas.

I also like to use sound healing to rid my home and office of leftover and unwanted energies.  If done with intention, drumming, playing a Tibetan singing bowl or chimes, or even better, playing a gong, will enliven and clear your space.  If done with a light heart, you can also sing and dance to your favorite rock and roll music, intending to disperse energies that no longer serve you.


You can also clear the energy in more traditional Native American ways by smudging with sage or palo santo.  This article Your No-Fail Guide to Using Sage to Clear Your Home offers a simple process to clear your home and fill it with a loving energy.

You can also call on me for help.  I clear the energy of spaces through distance healing.  I don’t need to visit in person.  During the month of October, I’m offering $10 off an  energy home clearing.  Enter the coupon code: HOMECLEAR. If you have multiple spaces to clear, take a look at my Package of 3 (click on Purchase a Gift Certificate or Package) and save 20%.  

Just like you periodically clean your carpets and wash windows (oh, wait, when was the last time I did that?), it’s helpful to refresh the energies in the places you live and work and play.