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Soul Journey
2:30 PM14:30

Soul Journey

  • Windsor Recreation Center, Cypress Room (map)
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Would you like to connect with your inner wisdom and spirit self to heal an old wound or trauma?  Come journey with us!  Transported by the driving beat of the drum, enhanced with Reiki, anyone can journey to the inner planes of consciousness where deep transformation takes place.  

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Reiki 2 Class
10:00 AM10:00

Reiki 2 Class

This class is open to anyone who has completed Reiki 1.  You will learn three reiki symbols and how to send reiki at a distance.  You'll also learn how to send reiki into the past or future.  This class takes your reiki practice to a whole, new level. It's a fun day!  

Cost:  $225.  Space is limited to 6 people, so sign up below to reserve a space.

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Reiki Practice & Mentoring
2:00 PM14:00

Reiki Practice & Mentoring

If you have completed at least the Reiki 1 class and would like to get in more practice, join us on Sunday afternoon.  In the first 30 minutes, Paula will teach you techniques that will empower your reiki practice.  For the remaining 90 minutes, you'll have the chance to both give and receive reiki from other practitioners.  It's a great opportunity to build your confidence and strengthen your connection to the flow of healing energy.  You'll also get to know other people who are deepening their understanding and practice of reiki. And, best of all, you'll get a treatment!

Cost: $33.  Space is limited, so please register to reserve a space.


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Energy Clearing for the Solar Eclipse - 3 Remote Sessions
to Aug 21

Energy Clearing for the Solar Eclipse - 3 Remote Sessions

The total solar eclipse on August 21st creates an opportunity to reset the energies across the heartland of America. The Seraphim angels offer three energetic transmissions to help you clear, integrate and restore your relationship to the cycles of growth and transformation.  The clearer we are, the smoother the ride.  

Each remote, energy healing session will last about 45 minutes and begins at 8:00 pm:

Session 1 - August 7th: We will be working in concert with the rise of the full moon. There is also a lunar eclipse, in the sign of Aquarius, happening with this full moon.  Our focus will be on releasing the past and clearing patterns that no longer serve our highest good.

Session 2 - August 14: Our focus will be on integrating the changes experienced over the past week and preparing for the big reset that will happen when the moon comes between us and the sun.

Session 3 - August 21: With the setting of the new moon after the mid-day eclipse, we will restore our connections to a future that contains more love and light.

Cost:  $99 for all three sessions

NOTE:  I've had a few questions about this offering.  We won't be meeting in person.  At 8 pm on the three Monday evenings, I suggest you get comfortable (please don't drive), invite the connection to the Seraphim angels and to the group of us, and relax for the next hour.  Your experience will be unique to you.  As a group, we will create a resonance field that allows for more transformation to happen to each of us individually, and to mother earth and the worldwide community.  If you have any questions, give me a shout.


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