Energy Hygiene Part 4- Cutting Energetic Cords


In the final installment of our energy hygiene series, we are going to explore how we can lovingly cut the energetic cords that are holding us back from achieving our highest potential. Last time, we talked about what these cords are and how they are formed, so if you haven’t checked that out yet, that would be a good place to start. Basically, we all go through our lives engaging with the energies around us, much of which comes from our relationships with other people. Often times, we lend our energy (out of our desire to help, or control a certain outcome) to others, in certain situations, and end up forming a cord between them and ourselves. And if we are in a prolonged or intense relationship with them, these cords can wind themselves very deeply, and we can carry this energetic connection with us for many years! Despite what may feel like a temporary boost to the other person, energetic cords are not helpful to anyone, and only go on to drain us, and hamper our ability to grow and change in an authentic way. Ideally, we are all tapped into the abundant source of energy within ourselves, and not giving or taking that which belongs to others. Energetic cords typically don’t form during average, day-to-day interactions, and a simple, regular releasing routine is all that you need to wash away that kind of energetic residue. However, the cords we do form tend to be deep, and often on an unconscious level. We form cords with our parents, children, spouses, lovers, coworkers, and others who we are emotionally invested in. And most of the time, we may need a helping hand to release and unwind those kinds of deep connections.

We are all creatures of habit, and our habits are what keep these energetic cords alive. So one of the biggest components of releasing these cords is mindful awareness, and commitment on your part to change the habits that have allowed these cords to form in the first place. You have to truly desire to change the dynamic, reclaim your divine energy, and set down the energetic burden you’ve been carrying. Often times, changing these habits is hard, because we are used to a certain style of energetic exchange- either donating it or receiving it, and we’re not sure how it would feel to make a change.

The truth is, nobody can cut these cords for you (not even the most powerful Reiki master!), but I can hold space for you to cut them for yourself. It can be difficult to recognize these cords, to feel them in our bodies, and acknowledge the unhealthy dynamics that created them, and that’s where I come in. I can help you notice where you are losing energy, and help you shift your energetic mindset in order to lovingly release this other person, even if they have long passed away or your relationship ended years ago. We tend to carry cords with us for a long time, and they can slowly drain our energy, and prevent us from stepping into our own power.


Cutting energetic cords is a two-step process, that I help facilitate, involving both awareness and loving intention. First, we find where in the body you feel the connection, and listen to how it really feels to have a cord there. Then we move on to shifting your mindset into one of understanding and compassion- for yourself and the other person. You must realize that having this energetic cord is not helpful, kind, or appropriate, and that neither of you is benefiting from it.

During this second step is where the true, deep work lies. You will visualize that person, and step into a soul-level connection with them. Then I will remind you both that you each have everything that you need within yourselves to complete your soul’s journey, and that this cord is not beneficial to either of you. You can then release that person with love and light, so you both can fulfill your own soul’s destiny without the energetic attachment holding you back. Most of the time, after this session, my client feels an immediate release and feels noticeably lighter!

It's important to remember that after releasing an unhealthy energetic cord, your heart-based, loving connection to this person is intact. In fact, you may find that you can appreciate the other person in new and more authentic ways when your energies are no longer entangled.

If you are curious about the process of cutting the energetic cords that you have been carrying around, I’d love to answer your questions. And then, once you get on my table, we can really get to work to free yourself from the cords that are draining you and preventing you from moving forward, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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