Exploring The Chakras Part 6: The Third Eye


We’ve made it all the way up to the 6th chakra! Over the past few weeks, we have explored the energy system of the body, as well as played with the unwinding exerciseto bring about clarity and balance. We have already learned about the root, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus, the heart, and the throat, and today, we get to dive deep into the mysterious third eye chakra! Called the Anja in Sanskrit, the third eye is the home of your intuition, intelligence, and perception of the world around you. Nestled right between your eyebrows, the third eye is thought to be connected to your pituitary gland, which has been called the "master gland" of the body, responsible for regulating your biochemistry, as well as acting as the "seat of the mind"/center of your intellect . Because of this connection, the third eye chakra is often thought of as the lens through which we see our world, and it can easily become blocked or stagnant in today’s modern society.

When the third eye is imbalanced, you will have a hard time accessing your intuition, you will feel disconnected spiritually, and you’ll feel mentally foggy. But when this chakra is humming away in a balanced state, you will be able to see reality clearly, free from illusion, and be able to think and process information around you with ease. The third eye is where we bring together all the planes of our existence- the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, and weave them together in harmony.

The 6th chakra is associated with the following:

  • Color: deep indigo
  • Physical associations: brain, nervous system, pituitary gland, eyes, ears, nose
  • Emotional associations: truth, openness to ideas, intuition, emotional intelligence, wisdom, intellect, self-evaluation, ability to learn from experience, feelings of inadequacy
  • Sense: sight
  • Mantra: AUM
  • Element: light

Each of our chakras holds deep within it, a sacred truth or piece of Divine wisdom, and the third eye is no exception. According to the teacher Caroline Myss, the third eye chakra calls to us to “seek only the truth,” and always be aware of what is truth and what is illusion. We should trust what we cannot see far more than what we can see in front of us.

Since the third eye governs our entire nervous system, it is linked to each and every other chakra in our bodily system, as well as the chakras that lie beyond the body’s borders. We are incredibly complex and sensitive spiritual creatures, and our third eye is our link to the worlds beyond. Because of this incredible gift, we need to work extra hard to keep this chakra open, awake, and in balance. If we do not tend to this, we are much more likely to be caught up in illusion, and chase the things that do not really matter, leaving us drained, disconnected, and unfulfilled.

“I open myself to see and to know my inner guidance and deepest wisdom.”


A few of you have been following along over the past few weeks, as we played with the unwinding exercise. Here’s what you had to say, while exploring your third eye chakra:

“I felt the unwinding go fully in to the center of my head where I feel the 3rd eye really is and was left with a feeling of spaciousness and wholeness. As if I really didn’t need anything else!”

“As I unwound, I felt an imbalance in my eyes; the left (my feminine) side felt heavy relative to the right side.  I kept unwinding until both sides felt clear.  As I waited in the stillness, I saw images of myself in a party dress, having fun mingling with other people.  When I wound back up, I felt lighter, more open and in touch with my feminine self.”

“I saw the color of blue/purple, was able to sit with stillness, felt mostly behind eyes and nose. I experienced qualities of wisdom, discernment, and confidence, related to both my day to day and spiritual world. I know I can trust them both. I had a vision of pink lotus flower, and my hand wanted to give back some energy after it was wound back up.”

“As soon as I began unwinding, I could feel the heat start to build in my head/face area. Once it felt like the heat wave was over, I stopped and sat in the quiet. Immediately, I saw silver light, and got the image of walking through thick fog or clouds. Everything was peaceful and still. Then I suddenly felt like winding back up, and again felt the heat as I moved my hand. I stopped winding when I could sense that the chakra was back to its normal rhythm.”

We only have one more chakra to go, so keep an eye out for that blog sometime next week. And if you want to catch up on the chakra unwinding exercise, you can read more about that here!