Settling In To The Sacred Stillness Of An Open Chakra


Last time, we explored my story of the chakra clearing exercise that I did while out on vacation in the Big Horn Mountains. Since reading about it and doing it myself that day, I have tried out the technique on many of my clients and students, and wanted to share more about that experience and invite you to try it for yourself. There are many different exercises out there on clearing the chakras, but this particular one is so simple and straightforward, that anyone can learn it. Plus, it’s proving useful for the people I know in my life, so I wanted to go into further detail on it today. You can think of the energy system as your internal hardware, the seven bodily chakras forming the structure and components, constantly running whatever software programs you currently have installed. The word “chakra” roughly translates to “spinning wheel”, and this is a useful way to look at how they work, especially in the context of this clearing exercise. Your chakras are always spinning and churning energy, just like your computer is always humming away in the background. But what if you want to make a change in the way your energy system runs? You’ll probably have to reboot everything, right? That’s what we are attempting to do with this technique.

Another metaphor you can use when considering your chakras is that of a playground carousel, or merry-go-round. You and your friends love to sit on this spinning disc, going around and around for hours! But what if someone wants to get off the carousel or get on in the middle of playtime? You’ll have to slow it way down, or stop it altogether, in order for someone to either leave or join the fun. Your chakras are like these merry-go-rounds, and the people on them are like the current systems, patterns, and beliefs that you are holding on to. If you want to evolve and make changes in your life that lead to more balance and empowerment, you may need to stop the ride now and then, so you can invite new energy in and release the old.

It is in this action of stopping the spinning motion that allows true change to occur, and I’ve found over the last few weeks, that this is where people can really feel the power of this chakra clearing exercise. I believe that the real juicy part of this technique happens after we unwind the chakra, and simply sit in the silent space that opens up there. You may be surprised how it feels, or what kinds of insights come to you when your chakra is completely still!

So, to run through the basic outline of the exercise for you, here are the steps you can take to experience this healing technique for yourself!

  1. Connect in with your own sacred space, and the energy of your hands. You should be somewhere relatively quiet, where you won’t be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths, and bring your hands into prayer pose in front of your heart. Then gently shake out your hands, activating the energy there, and bring them back into prayer pose. Notice the sensation of energy in your hands.
  1. Starting at your root chakra, hold your hand about 2 inches away from your body. See if you notice the clockwise spinning of this energy center. Slowly begin to move your hand in a counter-clockwise direction, visualizing the slowing down of the chakra’s spin. In the original instructions for this exercise, from Alberto Villoldo’s book, “The Four Insights”, it says to do this 10 times, but you may find that you need more in order to bring your chakra to a complete rest.
  1. Notice when your chakra feels open and still- this may take some practice! You may notice a kind of “pop”, like I did, or you may suddenly feel a sense of stillness. Having an open chakra can feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, so pay extra attention to any emotions or sensations that arise in this quiet space. Don’t be in a hurry to wind your chakra back up- this open, still point is where the magic happens! Make note of any thoughts that arise in this space, as well as images, colors, or agitation that may come, and try to meet them all with nonjudgment. Try to stay in your chakra’s still point for at least a minute or two- remember this is the time when you can let new things onto your “merry-go-round” and allow others to get off, before the spinning begins again. You may feel the energy there suddenly relax or expand, and this is your cue that the release has taken place.
  1. Once you feel like your chakra has been cleared and is ready to “reboot”, begin moving your hand over your chakra in a clockwise direction. This will restart its normal spinning motion. Continue moving your hand until you feel like your chakra is back to its usual speed and momentum- this may take more than 10 turns, so just stay in tune with your body and be patient with the process.
  1. Repeat with your other 6 chakras, moving upwards through the body. Be sure to make note of the sensations and nuances of your individual experience!
  1. Take a moment to ground yourself back into your body and the space around you. Take some deep breaths, and bring your hands together in prayer pose. Feel the weight of your body and hear the sounds in the room around you. Notice your renewed lightness of being!

I invite you to give this chakra clearing exercise a try. It only takes a few minutes, and can create an energetic shift that is more profound than you may realize at first. You also don’t need to do all 7 chakras in one go, if that feels like too much to you. You can unwind and release your root one day, and move up to your sacral area the next!

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