Why The World Needs More Reiki Practitioners


Our society is at a place unlike any place it’s ever been in history. The collective is shifting on a regular basis, and our thoughts and actions are having a more concrete impact than they ever have before. Perhaps you’ve noticed that things in your own life are changing? Maybe you’ve been given more signs and direction lately, or you’re starting to pay closer attention to the messages popping up in your life? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like the coming months will be ones of power, of transformation, and of profound healing! So what does this have to do with Reiki?

If you’ve had a chance to experience this spiritually-guided life energy before, you can probably attest to its calming, balancing, and clarifying effects. At the hands of a trained Reiki practitioner, we can access this powerful energy, and both our bodies and spirits can use it for our highest good. Many people, my clients included, have described their Reiki sessions as being relaxing, freeing, or giving them a sense of peace, clarity, and the feeling of being at one with themselves and Source. Sounds like pretty amazing stuff, doesn’t it?

The best thing about Reiki is that we are called to share this knowledge with others, to teach people how to harness this tool for the betterment of the world. And it’s remarkably easy to learn, because it’s less about learning and more about remembering what our spirits can intuitively do. With the healing arts on the rise, especially in areas like Colorado, there’s never been a better time to become a Reiki practitioner! When you are trained and attuned to this special form of energy healing, you can be a part of an important movement for more peace, more truth, and more interconnectedness.

Most of us consider ourselves to be on some kind of healing journey, whether that’s from a physical illness or injury, past psychological trauma, or an emotional or spiritual loss. There are many tools and modalities out there that can help us to heal on a deep and authentic level- everything from nutrition and meditation to bodywork and counseling can all work together to soothe and repair even the most damaged among us. I personally believe that energy work should be a part of our healing, because it can be so incredibly profound. Not to mention it’s free to use, has no side effects, and its effects never wear out!


When you get trained and attuned to use Reiki, you can experience the healing powers all on your own too. It’s great to practice on yourself and make a daily ritual of infusing your body with energy, and give yourself an extra boost when you’re feeling sick or especially stressed. And of course, you can lovingly give this energy to your family and friends, even over long distances! The more of us that are aware and experienced in using Reiki, I believe, the better off we will all be.

If we can be that connected to Source, and have that kind of pure healing love available to us, just imagine what we can accomplish. A world with more Reiki is a world I would like to live in, what about you?

Keep in mind that only a certified Reiki Master Teacher can educate and train you properly, but it might just be one of the best investments you will ever make in your own health and the health of your family.

Are you interested in learning more about getting started with Reiki? I have several classes coming up this winter and spring, whether you are a fresh beginner or have already been certified in Level 1. Please check out my upcoming events here:

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Get ready to make 2016 the year that you step into your healing power with Reiki training! Be sure to reserve your spot soon- my classes fill up quickly!