Energy Hygiene Part 1- Setting A Loving Filter


Last time we talked about the kinds of people who especially need to practice energy hygiene, although in truth, all of us do! While empaths, HSPs, and other sensitives may be more apt to pick up on the frequencies in their environments, all humans are energetic creatures, and we interact with others on a deeper level than many of us realize. Every time we walk through a crowded shopping center, turn on the television, or sit down to have coffee with a friend, we are exchanging vibrations- we’re having an incredibly complex conversation that we may not even be aware of! So as we go through our day, we have the potential to pick up a lot of other people’s “stuff”, just like they have the potential to pick up ours. But what if we don’t want it? Well, that’s the first key in energy hygiene. There are some schools of thought out there that suggest we set up big energy shields before going out into the world, to protect us from harm. I think that this idea can be counterproductive, because it conditions us to see the world, and other people, as dangerous. It makes us feel unsafe and always on guard. I don’t think that this kind of attitude is helpful to anyone, because after all, if you put up your big heavy shields, you may not pick up anything at all, and you certainly won’t be able to shine your gorgeous light to others either. Vibrations go both ways, and in order to lead a rich, joyous, and fulfilling life, we need to be open to both give and receive those vibrations.

However, as with most things in life, we must find balance in what we allow into our energy fields and what we don’t. Being 110% open in every situation may not be the best for us, especially if we are currently struggling with serious health issues or other life challenges. So how can we learn to gently filter out what doesn’t serve us, while allowing for a normal and healthy exchange? It all comes down to a strong and mindful intention. And remembering that you do have the power to control your energy field. When you recognize that you have the Divine free will to say yes or no to something, and you are comfortable with shifting your own energy, you can easily put up filters when you need to.


It’s important that you think of these as filters, and not walls or shields, and of course, that these filters always come from a place of love and not fear. A filter is still permeable, allowing energy to flow both ways, and you can visualize this as sheer and shimmering fabric surrounding your body if you’d like. There’s no need to get out the heavy masonry and build a huge brick wall around yourself! When you wake up each day, or when you are about to enter a stressful or difficult situation, you can meditate on your filter and invite it to come and assist you. The main idea behind an energy filter like this is that it only allows in what serves your higher and greater good, while it reflects only the things that serve others’ higher and greater good as well. This is the ideal mantra or intention you should have in mind when practicing this aspect of energy hygiene.

If you are especially sensitive, or have been dealing with a lot of fatigue, anxiety, depression, or other mysterious symptoms, it might be a good idea to make this a daily ritual. Every morning when you wake up, you can set aside a few minutes to meditate, tune into your body, and create your loving energy filter. You can call on your guides or higher self to help maintain your filter during the day, remembering to let in only the things that serve your greater good. If it helps you, you can add in little gestures like burning sage, lighting a candle, or “feeling” your filter with your hands to make a more tangible shift. When you are healing, or wish to assist in healing others, it’s great to be able to keep your “stuff” to yourself, while lovingly letting go of anything that doesn’t belong to you!

So as you practice better energy hygiene, start thinking of all the vibrations you exchange throughout your day-to-day routines. And remember that you have the ability to control what comes in and out of your energy field, for the betterment of your health and those around you.

Stay tuned next time, when we discuss grounding exercises, and how to release energies that no longer serve you!