Energy Hygiene Part 2- Releasing What Doesn’t Serve You


In last week’s blog, we discussed how to set an intentional energetic filter, to only allow in the vibrations that serve your highest and best, and talked about the ways to walk through the world while caring for your own energetic well-being. This week, we’ll explore what happens on the other side of our daily interactions, after we’ve been out and about, and when we want to release any energetic debris we may have picked up. And yes, this may happen even when we set a loving filter, because we are such beautifully tuned energetic instruments…plus, let’s be honest, we’re not always 100% aware of maintaining our vibrational boundaries! So what happens when we get home at the end of a long day, and we feel a little overwhelmed or have physical twinges that we can’t quite identify? This is where a regular grounding and releasing practice comes in! Being able to wash ourselves clean of others’ energies and cut cords that hold us down are key techniques for any empath or HSP. You may or may not be aware of how much “stuff” you’re holding on to that doesn’t even belong to you, so whether or not you feel like you need it, it’s never a bad idea to do some intentional grounding exercises. There are many ways to do this, and we’ll give examples near the end of this blog, so find what feels right for you. Perhaps you are comfortable with visualization, or you prefer physical movements or saying mantras. Your vibration responds to your intention, so setting that intention is the most important place to start when brushing off the dust at the end of the day.

Because our energy follows what we put our minds to, it’s easy to ground and release wherever you may be, even out in the middle of a crowd. This is great to practice right after a tough work meeting, following a conflict with a loved one, after disembarking from an airplane or bus, or emerging from any place or situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. One of the keys in this kind of work is always remembering your divine connection to Mother Earth, and that you are always deeply rooted to the core of the planet you live on. You can always feel free to let go of things, and watch them travel out of your feet and into the ground. Just being able to visualize this is a major step towards optimal energetic health!

Perhaps you have gotten home after visiting a person’s home, a certain shop, or a particular office, and you get the feeling that you carried some of their “bad juju” along with you when you left. It can be hard to put a finger on this sometimes, but as you become more in tune and more aware of your energetic field, you will start to notice these subtle shifts and when they occur. Then of course, as you practice grounding and releasing, you’ll feel empowered to cleanse yourself of these hitchhiking energies whenever and wherever you like. These types of exercises can be used by anyone, and are great for when you need to simply do some dusting of your inner home. However, and we will discuss this next week, there are some instances where you may need the guidance of a teacher or healer to release cords that go deep into your energetic body. But more on that later…


Again, the most important part of any grounding exercise is the intention you set for it. When your intention comes from a place of love, not fear, your entire spirit will light up, and your exercise will work even better. So once your loving intention to let go has been set, there are many ways to go about grounding and releasing energies that don’t serve you. Here are some suggestions:


  • See your roots growing down deep into the earth, and send any negative energies down those roots, to be absorbed by the soil and bedrock
  • Feel a divine shower of light wash over your body, scrubbing your energy clean as it trickles down, and rinsing off other’s energy away from your body
  • Imagine a strong wind blowing across your body, carrying away any negative energy into the sky

Physical rituals

  • Burn white sage or palo santo, waving it over all your chakras
  • Take an Epsom salt bath, or even just a footbath
  • Using your hands, brush lightly over your entire body, sweeping off all the negative energies
  • Dance or shake your body, dislodging anything that doesn’t serve you
  • Wash your hands or take a warm shower
  • Stand barefoot in the grass, dirt, or body of water
  • Hold a rock, imagine filling it with any energetic debris you have, and release it into a lake, river, or bury it underground

There are obviously many variations on grounding and releasing, so I encourage you to find what resonates with you. Combining visualization with a physical ritual is a great way to really be in the moment, and make your energetic cleansing feel powerful and complete. And of course, you can also do things like call on your spirit guides, or ask the angels for help during this process, especially if you’ve had a particularly rough day. Booking a Reiki session after a difficult week or month is always a great idea too!

Now, if you are dealing with something deep or traumatic, or wish to work on cutting cords from childhood or a past event, it’s best if you work with a trained professional. Using Reiki, craniosacral therapy, massage, and other techniques, I can help guide you through the process of clearing your energy field of deeply held beliefs, patterns, and unhealthy attachments. Come back next week to learn if this is something you might need.

In the meantime, try these grounding and releasing techniques, and make note of how you feel directly after, as well as notice the longer lasting effects as you continue your energy hygiene practice!