Honoring the Sacred Feminine

I recently collaborated with my friends, Kathy Dickson and Amy Cade, to create a workshop honoring the sacred feminine. We offered this last month at the Om Ananda Yoga studio in Fort Collins. We sold out. The feedback was heartening, and we felt so uplifted by the experience, that we offered it again last week.

The workshop began with the Rite of the Womb energy exchange. This rite connects us to a lineage of women through the jungle medicine of the Munay-Ki. The Munay-Ki is a shamanic healing system that comes to us from Peru and offers an invitation to “dream an entire new world into being.” I was introduced to these energy rites last year and have shared them with many of my clients. It’s time, the Earthkeepers say, to spread this sacred wisdom far and wide. Aren’t we blessed that it has reached us here in the Rocky Mountains?

I was especially excited to share the Rite of the Womb with so many women. The rite is simple, powerful, and embodies these words:

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.

Following the rite, Amy led us in a yoga flow:

Kathy and Amy at Sacred Feminine Workshop

Kathy and Amy at Sacred Feminine Workshop

Connecting to the sacred feminine. Honoring the ancient rhythms of the moon, reflected in our cycles, and Mother Earth and our roles as earth guardians. Rooting down into the earth, beginning to feel the earth energy rising through your torso, expressing the cadence of your life, inspiring the movement of your own rhythm. Feeling a sense of physical grace, letting go of perfection, embracing a sense of compassionate presence. Feeling empowered with lion’s breath and intimidation cobra. Reaching up to the moon and bringing her into your heart. Embracing a conscious connection to your life. Women gathering together, sharing our breath, and supporting one another, while we honor the sacred feminine.

We ended with a gong meditation, played by Kathy. I always feel transported into a mystical and healing place when I hear her play. Each time, Kathy coaxes new sounds and vibrations from her gong. These workshops were no exception. The music took us all deeper into our authentic selves. As women, mothers, daughters, sisters, yin warriors and caretakers of Pachamamma, our mother earth.

I came to the class with my mom, and we both loved it! I really liked how Amy incorporated some visualization into her poses. My favorites were reaching to grab the moon and pulling it down to the heart, and running my fingertips on the ground, as if in water… Kathy’s gong work was truly magical… Paula’s womb rite was a wonderful way to begin the class, and I enjoyed her soothing reiki, as well. At first, I felt a bit overwhelmed by all of the energy in the room, but she settled me down and made me feel more comfortable.
I loved the way the class focused on the sacred feminine and feminine power, and would love to attend more workshops/classes that do the same.