Great American Solar Eclipse

According to NASA’s website, the total solar eclipse on August 21st will cross the entire country, coast-to-coast, for the first time since 1918.  Many of us in the U.S. are lucky to have a front row seat to an once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.  Ever since I got wind of the eclipse a few months ago and managed to book the very last camping spot in Wyoming, I’ve had a sense of excitement about what’s to come.

In ancient times, eclipses were seen as harbingers of doom, an omen of some coming natural disaster or the death or downfall of a ruler. One myth involved an invisible dragon or other demon that devours the Sun during an eclipse. A quick google search shows that people still make those kinds of predictions today. 

I prefer to look on the bright side…  Did you know that a total solar eclipse in 1919 catapulted the relatively unknown Einstein and his theory of relativity into the limelight?  Or that an eclipse in 585 BCE ended a five-year war between the ancient kingdoms of Media and Lydia, in what is now Turkey? Apparently, the final battle finished abruptly due to a total solar eclipse and the people involved took it as a sign that the gods wanted the fighting to stop. Amen.

About the same time that I learned of the eclipse, I became acquainted with the Seraphim.  As an energy worker, I often feel the presence and support of angels, ascended masters, and other beings of light.  I know that I am a conduit for universal energy to work through me.  On this day, as I prepared for an energy healing session, I felt a very strong presence around me.  When I asked who was there, I heard the name “Seraphim.” I had to look it up later and discovered that seraphim is the plural of seraph: an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity. I was happy to have the Seraphim’s help that day, and since then, they are often with me.   

The Seraphim have offered a particular energetic attunement or transmission to some of my clients.  I place my hands on the chakras, beginning with the root and third chakra.  I then move up the body (2nd and 4th chakras,  3rd and 5th etc.) until I’ve balanced and connected all twelve chakras.  My understanding is that this process helps to clear and balance a person’s timeline.  I’ve been digesting Gregg Braden’s book Fractal Time and am fascinated by the concept that we all live within cycles.  Time isn’t linear, but loops back on itself.  We tend to repeat the past, but we don’t necessarily have to. This is one of my client’s feedback after receiving this energy work:

I am honored that the Seraphim felt worthy to allow the gift of my clearing. I feel calm and at peace in a way that was not there before. The change in my heart is most memorable/notable. Loving every minute of it

As I was thinking about my upcoming camping trip and the eclipse next month, I came across this definition of an eclipse:

Eclipses upset the natural order. They interrupt the regularity of the two most important hands on the celestial clock. In earlier times, the Sun and Moon determined the annual calendar of hunting and harvest, both of which were essential for early survival. This disturbance to the cycle was, not surprisingly, interpreted as a heavenly sign of change.

A lightbulb went off in my head.  EclipseSeraphimTime

The following is what the Seraphim said to me about the eclipse:

The solar eclipse, visible across the heartland of America, is an important milestone. Don’t expect anything dramatic to happen on the day. Rather, the stage is being set for deep change to take place in the hearts and minds of the American people. And, by extension across the world. The United States has been a leader in the movement towards individual freedom of expression. That movement is alive and well, even though many people feel buried under a layer of divisiveness, anger, and fear. By its nature, an eclipse disrupts the natural progression and gives an opportunity to reset. What that reset looks like depends on our level of awareness and intention.

That is why we, the Seraphim, made our presence known to you. You are able to bring our energies into a vibration that can be received by many different people. It is difficult to put into words. Think of this energy as offering an individual reset of disharmonious patterns. A clearing of a person’s time fractals to enable a smoother movement into the new age that melds the powerful drive towards freedom of expression with the awareness of our interconnectedness.

So I offer to you an energy attunement from the Seraphim to help you make the most of the energies of our Great American Solar Eclipse.  Three distance healing sessions from the angelic realm to release and clear old patterns, to integrate new possibilities and to restore your connection to the whole.