The Keys To Your Emotional Empowerment


Last week, we discussed the energy of our emotions and how we can learn to tap into their innate power. We know that our emotions are simply passing states of being, but they can bring a wave of intense feelings that are sometimes hard to deal with or understand. Our collective language tends to have a disempowered attitude towards our human emotions, where we are passive recipients of emotions, and emotions are something we must “deal with” to get on with our lives. But this approach not only saps our active participation, but it also perpetuates the myth that emotions are always out of our control- as if we are mere sailors, caught on the high seas of feelings. However, there is a much brighter and healthier way to see, understand, and utilize our emotional states. And when you can shift your perspective to this more engaging way, you can finally step in to your power! You can learn to view your emotions as communications from both your body and the spiritual realm, and to absorb their wisdom before letting them pass. In order to arrive at this place of emotional mastery, you should understand a few basic truths:

  1. You are a co-creator of your emotional reality

This is the first step to any manifestation of spiritual empowerment- when you finally realize that you are an active participant in your own life. You are not a puppet in a play, or a game piece on the giant board of human existence. Many people are stuck in the mindset that everything happens “to them” and they have very little control over their emotions or behaviors. It’s true- we cannot control everything that happens in life, but we do have control over how we respond to those things.

You may feel an initial emotional response arise within you, but it’s up to you where it goes from there. Emotional mastery allows for those feelings to be present and validated, then learned from, implemented for positive change, and lovingly released. You always have a choice about what to do with your emotions, and how much fuel you will or will not give to them!

  1. Your emotions are real, valid, and important

You are a beautiful and divine human being, and you are here on Earth to gain experience for your soul’s evolution. So, it’s to be expected that you will see, feel, and endure a great many things, and you’ll have a wide variety of emotional responses. Many of us have grown up in environments that have taught us that our emotions are either not real or not important; whether those messages come from parents, teachers, spouses, friends, or lovers, our bodies absorb them the same way. This is one of the reasons that we have a hard time exploring and expressing our emotions in a healthy fashion.

Learning to advocate for yourself and allow yourself to “feel your feelings” is key for your emotional empowerment. When you can hold space for yourself to untangle your feelings and their meanings, you exude the energy for others to do the same. Every emotion you experience is real and valid, and it’s important not to ignore them, push them down, or minimize them.

  1. There are no “good” or “bad” emotions

Like we talked about last week, our society has ingrained in us that some emotions are “good” and therefore, desirable, while other emotions are “bad” and are thus, shameful and undesirable. But from the perspective of a true emotional master, these labels simply do not exist. Your emotions are merely “energy in motion”, and don’t need to be categorized! When we place moral structures around our organic and free-flowing feelings, we stunt our emotional growth and ability to learn the lessons we need to learn from our emotions.

Despite what you may have been taught, or what was modeled to you, none of your emotions are inherently bad or good. They just are. When you can view them as such, you can uncover the wisdom that they carry, and yes- anger can teach us just as much as joy can!

  1. Emotions always have something to show you

You probably experience at least a dozen different emotions every day, so what if you could view each of those as opportunities for self-reflection and growth? Think of how much more strong, centered, and aware you’d be after just a week! Each emotion is an invitation for mindfulness, inviting you to dig deep and ask why you are feeling the way you are. You may be surprised how much you can uncover with just a few minutes of this kind of meditation. All of those fleeting emotional states can add up to paint a pretty accurate picture of who you are and why you behave the way you do.

Our emotions are really good at exposing our deepest desires and fears, which can be intimidating to some people. But for true emotional empowerment, we need to learn to sit with our true and naked selves, and while it doesn’t necessarily sound like fun, it’s crucial to living a soul-powered life. Decoding your emotions can help you define your priorities, set more attainable goals, identify your triggers, and give you fuel to manifest the kind of existence you want to have!

In today’s age, emotional mastery is a lost art. But perhaps now is your time to reclaim your empowerment! Things like energy work, Reiki, meditation, and journaling can all help you tap into the wisdom of your emotions. So if you’re curious about exploring this new level of awareness, I invite you to spend some time on my table. Get in touch to schedule your session today!