Three Golden Eagles, a Snake and a Turtle

It’s been a long, hot and difficult summer.  I’m so happy to wake up to cool mornings, warm afternoons and the promise of fall.  Today, I was able to get out for a bike ride along the Poudre river trail.  I was listening to Credence Clearwater Revival belting out Proud Mary when I spied three golden eagles above me.  Not one.  Not two.  Three! 

I pulled over under a shade tree to look up the meaning of a golden eagle sighting.  This description felt like Mother Nature was speaking directly to me:

When this creature appeared to you it is a sign of an end and a new beginning, not necessarily means that someone will die, it can be in a form of saying goodbye to the old phase of your life and starting anew.

All summer, I have felt like I didn’t quite know myself anymore.  Some things that I used to feel passionate about, were feeling pretty ho hum.  New passions would flutter in, and then flit on out again before I could fully engage.  I accomplished tasks that needed to be done, but allowed non-essentials to ride.  An odd interlude for someone who is used to being a high achiever. 

I think I’ve been in a process of metamorphosis.  Changing shape, changing focus, and changing vibration.  There is a new energy awakening in me.  Yesterday evening I cleared the stagnant and stressful energy in my home.  I cleared the stressful energy surrounding our three dogs.  Call me crazy, but we adopted two, 2-year old Australian shepherds this summer, bringing playful, exuberant, and misbehaving energy into our household.  I cleared energy cords connecting me to my family.  I even cleared intrusions in my DNA.  (More about that in a future blog). 

So today, I was feeling pretty clear.  And, apparently spirit wanted to offer me some encouragement to keep going.

Golden Eagles are often depicted as a messenger of the heavenly gods. When you saw a Golden Eagle, it probably wants to teach you that the answers you are waiting for can be found if you’ll only ask. There is also a chance that you are the only one who has the answer to your question, you are just afraid to find out.

After tooling along a little further on the bike trail, I got another message from spirit in the form of a beautiful garter snake sunning itself.  I almost always see snakes on the trail and they symbolize transformation to me.  Snakes shed their skin when it's time to grow and expand.  I have felt that itch under my skin all summer.

And just to make sure that I really, really got the message, I nearly ran over a turtle.  This is the first one I've ever seen on this bike trail.  It was covered in green stuff from the river.  I believe the turtle was reminding me to stay true to my path, to feel at home anywhere, and to keep going one small step at a time.  


I love getting these kinds of messages from spirit. They seem to show up most often right after I've taken a proactive step in the right direction.  Sometimes, though, they can come right out of the blue when I'm feeling particularly challenged.

I was driving to Healing Warriors in mid-June, feeling especially downtrodden.  Not really for any particular reason; that's just how I woke up.  I happened to look down at my odometer and saw that it was 77776.  I got excited, seeing that it was about to trip, and thinking that 5, 7s would have to be a good sign. I looked a bit closer and noticed that the outside temperature reading was at 79 degrees.  So, I thought "Wouldn't it be really cool if the temperature were at 77 degrees?"  I'm driving and watching my gauges, and the temp rises to 80 degrees.  "Ah well..." Just as the odometer tripped to 77777, the temperature dropped to 77! Here's my proof:


I'll leave it to you to assign a spiritual meaning to my 7, 7s.  If you've also been having a tough summer, ask for spirit to let you know you are loved and supported.  Be willing to let go of the old and embrace the new - as uncomfortable and scary as that may be.