What Does It Feel Like To Be Grounded?


Our ancestors knew what it felt like to be one with the Earth, to always feel connected and supported by the energetic flow of nature. They knew what it meant to be electrically plugged in to the limitless supply of our planet’s energy, and their bodies and minds were healthy and clear because of it. We’ve talked about how the process of earthing, a.k.a. grounding, supports our body’s natural healing mechanisms, especially when it comes to reducing inflammation, and you may be wondering what it actually feels like or how you can know it’s working? You may or may not notice anything different when you stand outside barefoot, or when you dig your hands into the soil. But there are many ways to harness the healing current of the planet, to bring your body back to center! Since most of us live in traditional homes and wear traditional footwear, we may not be accustomed to feeling electrically connected to the dynamic world under our feet. We are almost always insulated from this healing frequency, so feeling it- really feeling it- for the first time, can be transformative! One of the ways that you can experience this is by using something called an earthing mat. I recently purchased a few of these for my office, and use one on the table for my massage and energy work sessions these days. Using something so simple as a soft pad connected to the grounding wire in your everyday electrical outlet, people are really feeling the effects. Just listen to what some of my clients have been saying, since having a session on my earthing mat:

One of my clients, a young woman (who is also a HSP) said, "It feels like I'm laying on the ground instead of on a table. It's relaxing."

A long-time massage client of mine, who is an engineer at HP mentioned, "I always see colors when you work on me and that didn't change, but this time I had visions for the first time."

Another client, a veteran, commented, "I wanted to tell you that last week when I left, I felt very tingly all over. I'm feeling that again today. I really want to try sleeping on the mat."

One more client, whose feet are typically ice cold, reported that his feet felt warm at the end of our session using the earthing mat.

Other people have said things like:

"Colors were more vivid with the mat."

"The energy feels more lively and also nurturing."

"Session seemed more powerful with the mat."


Pretty amazing for something so simple, isn’t it? And the benefits of using an earthing mat don’t just stop on the client’s end. For me, as a practitioner, I feel less tired at the end of the day, even a day that is jam-packed! I also have a sleeping mat, and I’ve noticed that I am waking up less often during the night, and I’m having more vivid dreams. Overall, it feels like I am getting a deeper rest, which is amazing, especially since better sleep is one of the signs that you are reducing your body’s inflammation levels! Plus, this means that I can be more energetically present and available for my wonderful clients, and that’s a win-win!

When you are grounded in the Earth’s energy, you may feel lighter, more alive, more awake, or just tingly all over! This experimentshowed that just an hour of connecting to the Earth's frequency can have profound positive changes! Many people report sleeping better, having clearer skin, having more stamina, and feeling more peaceful and confident. And over time, people who invest in grounding tend to get fewer illnesses, have better quality sleep, and are less at risk for inflammation-related diseases. In our modern world, with the high stress levels and environmental toxins, we all carry around some level of inflammation in our bodies, so I think that earthing is another great tool to encourage healing and inner balance.

I bought an earthing sleep mat for my husband. Last night was the first night he tried it. He woke up feeling refreshed and so did I. It's the first night in quite a while that he didn't snore!

If you want to give it a try, I invite you to book a session, so you can experience this feeling for yourself. And if you would like to purchase your very own earthing mat to use at home, I am happy to carry products from Grounded Beauty, which you can purchase directly from me! This company was generous enough to lend me a mat for my clients to try, and also donated 5 mats to the Healing Warriors program, so I can’t say enough great things!

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