What is your true purpose in life?

Sometimes the best way to describe something is through a story.

In ancient times (and still in many places today) when a region was experiencing an extended drought, the locals would send for the rainmaker. In our story the rainmaker is a little old man, and when he arrives in the village he is offered anything he needs. After all, the future lives of the villagers and their families depend on his success. Without rain the crops will not grow and there will be nothing to eat. However, the rainmaker says that all he needs is a hut to sleep in and to be left alone for a few days. Knowing well that his every move is being watched by the curious villagers, the old man begins setting up his paraphernalia, whatever it may be —perhaps some strange looking device, or a series of offerings to the appropriate gods. Some rainmakers just disappear into their hut and wait, appearing to do absolutely nothing. After a few days, if the rainmaker is genuine, it will begin to rain. The villagers heap praise upon him and his magical powers. His reputation grows because wherever he goes, he appears to make it rain. However, despite his far-reaching fame our rainmaker has a great secret known only to himself. He knows that in truth he has no special powers over the weather. His secret is that he has discovered his true purpose in life —he is a rainmaker, and wherever he goes it happens to rain. He doesn’t make it rain; he is simply attuned to places where it is about to rain. This is why he doesn’t have to do anything other than show up wherever he feels like going.
— Richard Rudd, in Gene Keys, Key #46

I was absolutely struck by this story and the rainmaker’s secret.  What would it be like to be so in tune with my purpose that I could simply show up?  The more I thought about this idea, the more I realized that I have a secret of my own. 

My true purpose in life is to be a healer, although I don’t actually heal anyone.  I’m simply attuned to the people who are ready to heal.  I can sense where in their body-mind-spirit energy is blocked or stagnant.  I connect with their impulse to open and release, giving a gentle nudge with my hands, intention, words, breath – and healing happens.  It’s absolutely wonderful and effortless when it happens this way.

I haven’t always been so in tune with myself.  There have been many times in my life when I found myself dancing my feet off, trying to make it rain.  And, no rain came.  When I reflect on those times, I realize that I had pushed myself in a particular direction, rather than dancing lightly along the path.  That happens to me still, but luckily not as often. 

Where have you been stomping your feet and shaking your rattle, trying hard to make something happen?  What if instead… you opened your senses, softened your approach, and allowed yourself to move in the direction of your intuition?  What if instead of pushing to make that sale, you were simply there with an attractive proposal when the buyer was ready?  Or, what if instead of working overtime to teach a subject, you were in place to provide just the right stimulus when learning is ready to happen?  Oh, the possibilities are fun to consider!