Aligning with our Soul's Purpose

In my last post, I described how I have been working with the Seraphim angels. They guided me to offer a series of three distance energy sessions to help us ride the waves of energetic change that this month's eclipses are bringing us.  The intention is to help us align with our soul's purpose.

The first session was a couple of days ago on Monday, August 7th.  It was a full moon, with a lunar eclipse.  There were fifteen participants who joined me.  I have to say, I was a bit nervous.  I've taught classes and workshops, and done individual distance healing sessions, but hadn't led a group in this way.  I wasn't sure how it was going to go...

In preparation, I researched more about the Seraphim.  They are the highest order of God's Angelic Servants.  They are described as beings of pure light.  They are angels of LOVE, LIGHT and FIRE and shine so brilliantly that they are difficult for us to look at directly. They offer guidance for humanitarian and planetary causes.  Metatron, one of the Seraphim, is a Light Being I've worked with many times before, and is known for his connection to sacred geometry.  

I've long been fascinated with sacred geometry.  Lately, the triangle keeps coming up in my work and teaching.  Triangles represent Spirit, divinity, life, strength, harmony and completion.  With the eclipses, we are working with the trinity of earth, moon and sun. This Fire Keepers card from the  "Sacred Geometry for the Visionary Path" deck by Francene Hart, jumped out at me.  It seemed to capture the energy of the fiery Seraphim and our intention for this session as the Firekeepers hold a sacred responsibility both for the physical survival and ceremonial spiritual protection of the community.  

Once I laid this card down, I felt drawn to pull more cards from the deck.  Then I needed to add crystals and candles until I created the tree of life geometry that became the anchor for the session. 

As I was laying out my geometry, the doorbell rang and it was the UPS guy. I had ordered a set of four Koshi chimes a couple of weeks ago.  They are handmade - tuned to earth, air, water, and fire - and deliver an otherworldly music.  Apparently, they were to be part of this energy session, too.

The session started at 8 pm.  Once I connected with the Seraphim and the participants, I heard very clearly "We begin with the heart.  We bring your hearts together to share a common rhythm and to synchronize to a shared purpose." After a few minutes, I felt the release of pain and sorrow from our hearts into the fire to be purified.

So interesting you talked about starting with the heart. In the first 15 min I could see myself standing inside my heart engulfed in a violet light/flame...felt very purifying. ~ Amy
I was definitely getting messages and reflections of heart, forgiveness, and love through the session. ~Denise

After our hearts felt open, we balanced and cleared all of our chakras, along with the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves.  

About half-way through, I felt/saw white feathered wings holding/caressing my head and sweeping/cleansing the energy from the front of my supine body. Very lovely and loving. ~ Kathy

The last part of the session felt very individualized.  For myself, I was asked to face my biggest fear.  It took a bit for me to discover that what I feared most was being in the midst of suffering and feeling powerless to do anything about it.  Once I connected to my fear, I felt the strong presence of the divine and the realization that I AM POWERFUL and that WE ARE MORE POWERFUL TOGETHER.  

My big fear is feeling like a reject and not fitting in with my peers. I got the message that I am different, so it’s okay if I don’t fit in. Actually it’s kind of to be expected. I’m not better, I just experience the world in a different way. It’s more important for me to be self-contained and content, than seek peer approval. ~ Andrea

The session felt complete as I played the chimes - or maybe they played me.  Janet, one of the participants, texted me that she heard the chimes - all the way in South Dakota. 

I wasn’t sure what I was really supposed to do when I sat in a chair and relaxed for an hour, so I grabbed a glass of wine and listened to meditation music with my kitty purring at my feet!

I didn’t hear or see any images or anything but my body was tingling like mad - still is!! I felt very relaxed and had a great night sleep. ~ Debbie
I went to bed at 8:00 on purpose on the evening of your healing. I wanted to have a quiet and uninterrupted space to accept the healing. I did all that you suggested and allowed myself to be fully open in all ways. I did go to sleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning. There was an unresolved issue I had been dealing with at work. After the night of healing, I was able to make some clear and easy decisions which have led to complete peace of mind. ~ L.R.