Goddess Guidance to Empower Change


Over the last few months, we’ve experienced an updraft of feminine energy unlike anything we’ve seen in a while. Women everywhere are standing up and speaking out, revealing their truths of what it’s like to be female in today’s society. It seems like every day in the news, we hear of another famous man being accused of sexual misconduct, and it appears that this trend will only continue. People are riding this wave of fierce social support, finally stepping out from the shadows and telling their stories, hoping to be taken seriously after years, or decades, of silence.

It feels like, as a country, we’re all doing some throat-chakra clearing, and this energy can be quite intense at times. We collectively have a lot of healing to do, and for most of us, that healing can only begin when we have the courage to share our stories.

Telling your story can be a valuable piece of unlocking your dormant energy, and getting things to flow again. This is especially helpful in the safe space of a therapist or other mental health professional, or even at home, by yourself, in your personal journal. And, there can be therapeutic value in broadcasting your story on a bigger stage, as we see happening around the world today.  

How and why we share our stories, however, can make a difference in the outcome. Can we step back and see where our words come from? Do they come from a place of rage and victim hood, or do they come from a place of conviction and empowerment? 

Social media outlets, like #MeToo, have played a useful role in shedding light on the traumatic experiences of many women. They have also provided a forum and sense of community to allow women to speak up. They also have a shadow side.  In the clamor of Me Too, the I Am can be lost.  Each woman's story is unique. Labels like "internalized misogyny" lump everyone into the same bucket, blurring the truth, and propagating false assumptions about other people. 

I think, in times like these, it’s a great idea to take a step back, and work with the energies at play in as enlightened a way as possible. Now is an especially wonderful time to invite in some goddess guidance, and I want to introduce a few that may give you some peace right now, and perhaps shift your perspective, so you can exist in today’s world with more grace, confidence, and optimism. 

There are many goddesses that we can call upon during this time, but I felt particularly drawn to three. These three powerful deities can hopefully shed some light on our current situation, and allow us to move forward in a positive way.

Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods. (or goddesses in this case)
— Peter A. Levine



The Egyptian goddess Isis is arguably one of the most powerful and well-known priestesses in history. Her presence illuminates any hidden patterns that are playing out in our lives, particularly relating to our past-life fears. In relation to today’s current events, it feels like Isis can help us heal our past, going back many generations. Most souls have experienced lifetimes as both genders, so you likely have multiple perspectives to drawn upon in healing your wounds.

Isis is also known as the goddess of alchemy, with her ability to transform and transmute shadow into light. You can call upon her guidance to work through past-life abuse, and the lingering pain you may feel in this lifetime too. She’ll help you find your inner strength and wisdom, no matter what you’ve endured.

Work with Isis: Create an altar of sorts to honor and connect with your ancestors, and any past selves that you may (or may not) be aware of. Light a candle and ask for strength and clarity in healing past wounds. Call on Isis to show you a way to turn your pain into empowerment.



One of the most misunderstood goddesses is Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and rebirth. She is often feared by those who do not yet understand this sacred cycle, but right now, her message incredibly important. Collectively, we are witnessing a sort of death in our society, and death is sometimes a painful process. However, we must go through this transformation, to bring truth to light, to heal and release, and to make room for a new way of being. Kali can help you let go of what is no longer serving you, to allow you to birth something that is more in line with your higher self.

We can see Kali’s fierce power in the public takedown of abusive men, in the revelation of women’s stories, and the shifting in attitudes about gender. It is time for our old ways to die, and for us to embrace the new.

Work with Kali: Kali’s element is fire, so consider doing a fire ritual to release what you’ve been holding on to. Grab a large fire-proof bowl, several small slips of paper, a pen, and a lighter. On each piece of paper, write down some of your hurts, your grievances, or your frustrations. Call on Kali to help you let it go, as you burn the paper, releasing it into the bowl before the flame reaches your fingers.

Kuan Yin


Whenever we work with pain, abuse, or betrayal, it’s easy to lose touch with our compassion. But when this happens, we may be putting negativity, hatred, fear, and shame out into the world, even without realising it. The sacred goddess Kuan Yin is here to guide us back to our inner bodhisattva, to see the light that is within us all. The truth is, we are all connected, all from the same source, and we are all struggling with our own shadows. To tap into Kuan Yin’s energy, you do not need to turn a blind eye to injustice, but try to meet it with compassion and understanding. After all, none of us exist in a vacuum; we’re all products of our environments to some extent. It’s time to heal ourselves and through that process, heal our culture at large.

Kuan Yin is the epitome of that ideal combination of gentleness and strength. Legend has it that she was eligible for Buddhahood/ultimate enlightenment, but instead chose to stay on Earth to help awaken us all. Call on her when you need help forgiving someone, speaking kindly of others (and yourself), or releasing your judgmental thoughts.

Work with Kuan Yin: Take time today, and perhaps once a week (or more!) to do a loving-kindness (also called “metta”) meditation.  Click here to learn more about the Loving-Kindness meditation.

We are living in a tremendous time of change right now- a time that many call the “quickening” or the “awakening.” When we can apply our energies in a positive, constructive way, we truly can change the world. Now is your invitation to stand up for the kind of society you want to live in, whether that be through speaking, writing, making art, doing healing work, or simply being a strong, compassionate presence.

Each of us have something valuable to contribute to the conversation, and when we can instill some goddess wisdom into our perspective, our voice can reach those who need to hear it most. You can work with these goddesses, and others, to help you stay grounded and clear in a turbulent time.

*All images were taken from Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck