Truth and Lies

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.
— Elvis Presley

The concept of truth has been poking through my mental clouds lately.  It first got my attention with the following words, spoken by Paul Selig in an Aubrey Marcus podcast.  I’ve enjoyed some of his podcasts and was out walking my dog, listening with my headphones, when I felt goose bumps run up and down my arms.  Just a heads up… these words have power:




Did you feel a tingle run through you?  Paul Selig is a channel.  He says he transcribes information from a higher source called the Guides.  The teachings are simple.  The words, though, contain attunements that change our energy field, helping us to experience the truth of who and what we are for ourselves.  If you are curious, check out his latest channeled book “The Book of Truth”.

Another truth seeker is author and spiritual teacher, Byron Katie.  I’ve found her work to be very helpful and have recommended her audiobook “Loving What Is” to many of my friends and clients.  Katie gives us a way to question the truth of our thoughts.  And it turns out that many of our thoughts, when held up to the light of inquiry, are actually lies.  Katie is funny, irreverent, and absolutely honest.  I uncover more lies and claim more truth for myself every time I engage with her process.  

I was doing a distance energy healing session with a client recently.  She has been doing a lot of inner work, and was saying how she feels held back by beliefs like “I don’t deserve this…” or “I can’t be happy when others are suffering…”  I wanted to give her a tangible way to challenge her false beliefs.  So, I borrowed concepts from Katie’s process and created an exercise for her and her husband.  I liked it so much that I decided to give it a try myself – and share it with you!  Think of this as spring cleaning.


Exercise to Create Truth from Lies

  1. Cut 20-30 strips of paper.  I used various colors of construction paper.

  2. Quickly write down a limiting, aka false, belief on each strip of paper.  These are the lies you tell yourself.  This is a brainstorm, so don’t analyze, just have some fun.  

  3. Once you’ve exhausted your brainstorm, put the strips into a bowl or basket.  Each day, until the basket is empty, pull out a belief.  I shake the basket until one pops out.  It’s been interesting to notice how the statements connect to what is going on for me that day.  

  4. Read the false statement.  Notice how you feel when you believe this statement.

  5. Re-write the statement so that it is truer.  Take a little bit of time with this step to find a truer belief that empowers you.  I thought about rewriting my statement “I am not beautiful” to “I am beautiful.”  But, that didn’t really feel true to me, especially when I look at myself critically in the mirror and notice the wrinkles and other signs of aging.  What felt truer to me is the following: “Beauty takes many forms and comes from the light within.  When I allow my light to shine, I am beautiful.

  6. Find a fun, satisfying way to destroy the false statement.  Shred it.  Flush it.  Bury it. Burn it.  I have discovered that I really like setting my lie on fire.  I’ve gotten in touch with my inner pyro!

  7. Collect your truth statements and review them now and then when you doubt yourself. 


Here are a few of my lies and truths:

LIE: I'm responsible for the well-being of my clients and loved ones.

(As I've grown older, I've come to realize that I just don't have the power to fix anyone else - no matter how hard I try. Not my kids. Not my friends. Not the people who get on my massage table. Each of us is free to make our own choices. I can only love and support them and offer my help when asked - then let go of the outcome.)

TRUTH: It is my responsibility to heal myself, and to share my gifts.

LIE: We will always be at war.

(When I watch too much news, I see war and conflict everywhere. I see the toll war has taken on our soldiers. I despair when I believe that it will always be this way. I don't want this to be true.)

TRUTH: Peace begins with me.

LIE: I am a fraud.  I don't know what I'm doing most of the time.

(I think most of us feel this way at times, even the most confident people.  Peel away a few layers and you may find an impostor.)

TRUTH: I love to learn and try new things.  I do my best.

Give your belief system a spring cleaning!  I'd love your feedback on how this process goes for you.